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Why focus on small and midsize churches?  

Good question!

By no means is this blog anti-megachurch or "big" church.  These churches, their pastors, and their members have ministered to me in countless ways through the years.  God has blessed them with the means to reach thousands with the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I rejoice in how God is using them.

But their world is not my world.  I don't preach to thousands; I preach to less than 200 on a regular Sunday.  Odds are, if you're reading this, you're like me.  According to Outreach, only 10% will ever pastor a church larger than 200 people, and 99.9% of pastors will serve a small church at some point in their ministry.*

Thom Rainer said that "We are a nation and continent of small churches."  He then shared the following statistics:
  • 50% of all churches in America average less than a 100 in worship attendance
  • 40% of all churches in America average between 100 and 350 in attendance
  • 10% of all churches in America average more than 350 in attendance.**
If you find we find ourselves in the first two categories, this is not a reason to hang our heads in defeat, shame, or embarrassment.  Just like our "large" church brothers and sisters, we serve the King!  We should rejoice that He has chosen us and placed us in the ministry.

With this in mind, have you found that many conferences, workshops, and resources are geared toward much larger ministries?  The majority of the speakers are well known and pastor large works, with large staffs, large buildings, and large budgets.  Most of us do not.

So the Lord laid on my heart to be a help to those who are like me.  Those of you who are faithfully serving is a small or midsize church with smaller staffs (if any), smaller buildings, smaller budgets, but the same BIG GOD!

I aim to be inspirational, helpful, and practical.  I hope you'll visit often, interact through commenting, and recommend this site to your ministry friends.



* Outreach, July/August 2015


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